Posted by Garth Edwards on Oct 15, 2017
Richmond Sunrise Rotary Club Bulletin October 12, 2017




Good to see Bruce back
Bill presented on the meaning of the Dean Crain award. Please give a nomination to Bill ASAP.

Speak to Mary Lou if you want to attend the Pathways fundraising dinner.



The car rally is on for October 29. The start and finish is at Dalbir's home.

Auction committee meeting next Wednesday October 11 at 5:00 at Brian's office.

Sunday, December 3, 2017 will see the Christmas party held at President Heather's home.


Mary Lou is off to Chicago.

Belinda will be cruising from New York.

Darcy Marquardt will be inducted into the BC sports Hall of Fame.

Chris B is off to California and Pat to Palm Springs.

Sukhi is back from India.


Dick introduced our speaker Pamela Bendall on the topic of ocean health.

Pamela has had a greatly varied career starting with a degree in communications. She was a competitive gymnast and has had careers in radio, real estate, investment advising and now is an author and speaker and director of SkyMed Emergency Evacuation, the latter arising after her boat was hit by lightning and left adrift and on fire causing her significant injuries.

In an earlier life Pamela boated around the world for a few years. She has gone back to boating in an attempt to save the world's oceans. "Oceans are the heart and lungs of the planet".

Ocean health begins with beach health and controlling everything that washes into the oceans. There are 100 million tons of garbage in five major garbage patches. There are over 500 dead spots in the oceans, primarily around populated areas. There are 170 billion tons of fish taken from the oceans every year which is not sustainable.

Pamela has helped the Arbutus club with their rollout of the barrel project to put recycling and garbage containers on beaches in Central America.

As a boater she has experienced the mountains of garbage near and in the ocean, dying coral reefs (50% are now dead) and the depletion of fish. She has seen an oil slick 400 miles long along the coast of Mexico.

She is currently working in El Salvador on cleaning the beaches and working with the communities to educate them with respect to the effects of garbage, particularly plastic.

It would help if there was a general ban on the production of plastic and a requirement for manufacturers to recover what they produce.

Pamela was thanked by Debbie M.

See Pamela's

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Sorry to miss inviting all of you to the Cohen Buchan Edwards open house on October 18, 2017 from 4 PM to 7 PM.