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Richmond Sunrise Rotary Club Bulletin September 21, 2017


Pedro - HK Club

Franco Gallo - Vancouver club


Franco came to speak on the annual Rotary Foundation dinner.  The Vancouver club is sponsoring the dinner on October 18, 2017 at the Terminal City Club.  It is the 100th anniversary of the Rotary foundation this year.  There will be tango lessons.  PDG Gordon will assist with club sales.
The car rally was moved to October 29, 2017.  That date is now up in the air as well.


Following the meeting there were meetings of the rally committee and the eco-committee.


Sandra is back from London.

Debbie Murphy is off to Hawaii.

Mary-Lou is back from Portugal.

John is back from Ireland.

Mme. Marin won an award for the best apple at the fair on Salt Spring Island (a Holstein).

Pedro returned from Peru. He is now back home to Hong Kong. It is interesting to note that Pedro was second in command of the Hong Kong police force before he retired.

Kenneth has bought a condominium in Richmond.

Belinda is back from a 6900 km road trip to Colorado and back.

SPEAKER - Gordon introduced our speaker Natalia Angell-Besseling

Natalia spoke to us about Shanti Uganda for whom she works.

Natalia has a BA in International Development. She is also a yoga writer and instructor.

Shanti Uganda is a centre for maternal and infant health to whom we have contributed recently. Our contributions went towards a new ambulance

We were told that 60 women die giving birth every day in Uganda, 90% of which are preventable.

Shanti Uganda was founded in 2008 and they built the centre in 2010. They have a staff of midwives and have never had a death at the centre.

To find out more about Shanti Uganda you can visit their website at

Editor's Choice

We are still missing Bruce.  Hope to see him soon.