Posted by Garth Edwards on Nov 14, 2017
Richmond Sunrise Rotary Club Bulletin November 9, 2017


Speaker and PHF Ryan West


The Christmas party will be held Sunday, December 3, 2017 at present Heather's home.


Foundation Dinner is January 25, 2018. Talk to John.

The Eco-Rotarian of the month is Sandy Marquadt.

Thanks to all who attended and contributed to the Fireside hosted by Melinda.


A Projects Committee meeting will be held following the next club meeting


Bill is off to New York for Shelley's birthday

Bill is off to New York for Shelley's birthday and to visit their sons.

Debbie is back from her cruise and trip round and about Italy and Greece.

Paul had what he described as his best professional week ever in Cuba apart from complaints about the toileting.

Elaina is off to San Francisco; she is busy assembling diagnostic equipment to send off to the Philippines.

Laine and Ryan are back from Indonesia.

Heather is off to Palm Springs.

Larry's surgery went very well and he is looking for visitors.


Our Guest Speaker Ryan West spoke to us about North Shore Rescue.

Ryan is a software engineer and has lived in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Toronto before coming here.

Ryan has been a member of the team for two years. Members are on call 24/7 and require experience and training in first aid, back country knowledge, mountain climbing and any other outdoors experience they can bring. There are 45 active members. They are 100% volunteers and have a two-year "member in training" period. They train every Tuesday night and one Saturday per month.

Their territory ranges from Horseshoe Bay to Indian Arm and back to the Lions. They are experiencing about 130 calls per year.

Rescues are grouped into Air/Marine (generally covered by the armed forces and Coast Guard), ground and inland water.

Some tips Ryan gave about hiking in the back country are:

take a flashlight and spare batteries, firestarter, whistle, knife, close, shelter, first-aid, food/water, a charged cell phone and a cell phone charger;

tell people where you are going;

leave a note on your dashboard containing your name, contact information and route;

plan on being overnight.

Ryan was thanked by Melinda.

Editor's Choice

The work of North Shore Rescue is really beyond the call.  Team members have much to be thanked for.