Richmond Sunrise Club Bulletin October 29,2015
DG John Anderson of the Tsawwassen Club “sampled our DNA”.
Inspirational moment by Carolyn.
DG John inducted Erick Cronier (sponsored by Debbie T), Carolyn Robertson (President Chris) and Florence Sung (also president Chris). A great day for the club. Thanks to new member mentors as well.
Our support helped some of 100 kids Rotary helped attend Rotary on Ice.
We have a table at the Society for Community Living dinner on November 10. Talk to Melinda.
Members may Celebrate Halloween outside the Buccaneer Pub Saturday from 3 to 5 o’clock.
Special Guests
Shelley Jaffe
Avery from TD Bank
DG John Anderson
Guest Speaker Summary
This year’s theme is “Be a Gift to the World”.
DG John awarded Debbie Murphy a “Gift to the World” award.
President Chris joined the “World-Class Presidents” club.
DG John awarded Shelley and Bill a Rotary Foundation “Major Donor” award.
John was a school principal. He talked about how Rotarians share values arising out of many different backgrounds. John talked about the challenge of membership and the importance of retaining members.
It is our job to celebrate Rotary, visit other clubs and promote membership.
The Rotary conference this year will be from April 28 to May 1 at the Château Whistler. Rooms are available for $149. The conference promises to be informative and a place to make new friends.
Paul is the club conference champion. There are already 170 people registered.
John was thanked by President Chris.
Bill was S@A
Dick will be away for a February.
Chris M organized a pie festival on Salt Spring; the cake Arnoldo baked did not make the cut.
Doug’s boat … now I know why I do not have a boat. At least it is still floating.
Elena had 300 guests at her Halloween party.
The rest your editor could not hear.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Larry and Steve
Pres Chris 15 years in Rotary.
Garth 27 years in Rotary. It was rudely pointed out Laine was not born when Garth joined Rotary.
Committee Updates
Auction committee meets Monday November 2 at Sandra’s office.
There will be a board meeting November 9.
Editor’s Prerogative
Best DG speech ever (except for PDG Gordon of course)