Richmond Sunrise Rotary Club Bulletin April 7, 2016
Anthem by Gordon.  Inspirational talk by Judy.
Once again Sandra took the meeting.  Who is our president anyway?
Thirsty Thursday comes up April 21.
Special Guests
Frances Tang Graham
Guest Speaker Summary
Frances Tang Graham talked to us about Port Metro Vancouver.  She was introduced by Pat.
The Port Metro Vancouver Board is a largely federally appointed board.  There are others, but generally speaking the Board reports to the federal government.
Port Metro Vancouver is the largest port in Canada and the most diversified in goods.  It handles $500 million of cargo every day.  20% of Canada’s trade dollars come through the port which creates some 100,000 jobs across Canada.  There are 5200 jobs in Richmond alone.
Every cruise ship brings in 2 million dollars.
Frances spoke to us about the port authority’s goal to preserve industrial land.  In return, the port has projects to enhance habitat around their lands.
Somehow Frances skirted the proposed expropriation of farmland and fuel for the Airport issues.
Frances was thanked by Larry.
Danny was our Sergeant at Arms.  We discovered that to Danny is an acupuncturist as well as a dentist.  He taught us an ancient technique to relieve headaches-pressing your thumb between your eyes for one to three minutes.
Larry starts his 30 days of radiation.  We may not see him for a while.
Carolyn is back from her European tour.
Paul has been working on the Rotary conference.
Erick is off to Gambier Island to harvest oysters and clams.
Sandra broke into her old family home which is busy being demolished.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Garth's birthday April 10
Arnoldo’s 27th anniversary this week
John Marquardt’s eighth Rotary anniversary
Committee Updates
There is a board meeting April 11.
There is an auction committee meeting April 13.
Paul urged us to sign up for the District conference.