Richmond Sunrise Rotary Club Bulletin February 16, 2017


Darcy Pughe; videographer Cindy Liu; Maddie's friend and University of Victoria roommate Misha from Yellowknife 

Club Meeting

It was Maddie's 19th birthday party. We enjoyed mimosas to honour the event.

The raffle raised a considerable amount of money (in the order of $4,000) for the foundation. Thanks to John for his efforts.

Debbie showed us a video produced by herself titled "100 acts of kindness". Well done Debbie.

Cindy was busy videoing the meeting as part of the auction lead up. Thank you Cindy.

Next week's meeting will be at White Spot on #3 Road.


Thanks to Bob for hosting the board meeting Wednesday night.

There is an auction meeting Monday night 6 PM at the Dixon's.

Sergeant at Arms - Belinda

Peter was sporting a wrist cast courtesy of a fall on the ice.

Kal is back from Hawaii. Did not notice any tan.

Danny is back from a two month stint abroad after travelling three continents including the Arabian Peninsula, Africa and the Philippines. Danny finished up with his annual dentistry for the poor and dispossessed. His mentor John takes credit for Danny's great accomplishments.

Larry is back from a wonderful trip in India where he was busy feeding the dogs and the children (sometimes at the same time). He found the Baha'i Temple amazing.

MaryLou is back from a jazz cruise which she has again booked for next year.

Pat was golfing in Palm Springs.

Susan was in faraway Pender Island.


Maddie was introduced by her mom Chris.

She spoke to us about RYLA or Rotary Youth Leadership Awards.

There are now three RYLAs, one for grades 8 through 10, one for grades 11 and 12 and one for ages 19 to 30.

Maddie has been a participant in RYLA and now a leader, but do not call her a leader (try facilitator). RYLA south as it was called is limited to 100 attendees. It is organized and run by facilitators all under the age of 30. Many of the Rotary exchange students attend.

The typical day starts at 7 AM and ends at 11 at night. There are various seminars and group events during the day with skits and socializing at night.

Some of Maddie's favourites include the sticky note wall and the grug or group hug.

All agree the participants leave as different people.

Maddie was thanked by Chris M who took credit for Maddie's accomplishments having been her teacher early on.

Editor's Choice

Our thoughts go to Bruce who is in hospital. We wish you a swift recovery.