Richmond Sunrise Rotary Club Bulletin February 4, 2016
President Chris was "hip and happening in her tight jeans” quoting past President Debbie.
Special Guests
Bernard and Brenda Dewonk
Guest Speaker Summary
Michael Maguire spoke to us about KenCada International Academy in Mombasa Kenya
Michael is an educator who teaches at Stratford Hall International Baccalaureate World School in Vancouver.  He also has a passion for improving education in Africa.
The economy of Ethiopia and elsewhere in Africa is booming and Michael feels the image of Africa given to us by the press is inaccurate. The growing middle class is looking for education for their children. Schools in Kenya typically have 40 to 80 students per classroom.  Sometimes the teachers do not show up.
“Education is the engine of personal development” Mandela
Michael opened KenCada in 2014 to teach students from preschool to grade 5.  They are presently at 74 students with a projected 90 maximum.
Michael has noticed three trends: 1. The education paradigm is changing from the 3Rs to reasoning, analysis, problem solving and communication.  2.  Africa is emerging on the world scene with a growing middle class eager to educate their children.  3.  There is an international mindedness and awareness of the global village with global issues requiring the need for new skills.
Michael’s goal is to establish a model which can be replicated.  His model is based not on the British or American model of education but on a Kenyan curriculum taught by Kenyan teachers although instruction is in English.  He combines best practices from around the world.
Michael is looking for partnerships.  In order to grow his school he needs a second site and is looking for funding, connections and expertise.
Dick determined to do his criminal record check.  He was initially denied as there was someone with his name and birthdate in the world who had a criminal record.  He managed to convince the police it was not him and he is now a documented good guy.
We are not sure about Georgina because she does not have any fingerprints apparently.
Larry is back at work and as busy as ever trying to bury clients before the lunar new year.
Bernie is here in preparation for a new knee.
Much comment on last weekend’s foundation dinner was exchanged.  It was agreed that the food and wine were very good.
Mary-Lou is off to Cuba and Judy to Whitehorse.  Who wins that contest?
Birthdays & Anniversaries
It is Marg’s birthday this week and Gordon’s Rotary anniversary (1989).
Committee Updates
Auction meeting February 15 at 5 o’clock at Sandra’s office.