Richmond Sunrise Rotary Club Bulletin January 21, 2016
 PE Sandra at the helm
 Carolyn asked members to search their closets for any formal wear graduates could wear. Donations until February 3 for the Cinderella Project.
Avery and Danny were inducted. In a number of firsts, Danny was not only inducted on the day he was accepted, he and Avery also received their member’s badges and Avery gave her classification speech.  What a secretary.  Good work Arnoldo.
Special Guests
 Danny Salsado, now member Danny
Guest Speaker Summary
 Avery gave her classification speech.
 Avery was born in Hawaii and lived there until she was recruited by UBC where she did a business degree.
 She did not see snow until she was 18. Apparently the UBC recruiter failed to tell her about our weather.
 She has a twin and an older sister. All three were married in the same year.
 Avery somehow avoided surfing but is a marathon runner and has qualified for the Boston Marathon in April, after   which she plans to retire from the sport.
 Avery has been with TD commercial banking unit for 5 years. She comes to Rotary naturally having volunteered throughout her life.
Great talk and great new member.
 Avery was thanked by Mme. Chris.
Susan did the honours
Zoe is out of the hospital after a rather devastating tobogganing injury and doing well.
Margaret is back from Cuba where she enjoyed watching the monsoons from her hotel room.
PP John is off to Africa for a month.
Elena is off to the Philippines.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Larry’s Rotary anniversary
Heather and Doug’s wedding anniversaries.
Committee Updates
Think prize acquisition
Editor’s Prerogative
We should give thanks to our board members for all their hard work, often in the background and unseen.