Richmond Sunrise Rotary Club Bulletin June 30, 2016
Pres. Chris' last meeting!
Starting in July, breakfasts will be $15 each, down from $20.  You will be charged regardless of attendance for 50 weeks a year.
You are encouraged to Donate in Advance for the Sgt. at Arms.  You will receive a tax receipt from the foundation and this will save the treasurer from having to count coins every week.
Special Guests
Guest Speaker Summary
New member Kenneth Chan gave his classification speech.
Kenneth came to Canada from Hong Kong in 1995.  After graduating from high school he first attended Simon Fraser University and then transferred to UNBC and graduated with a bachelor of commerce degree.
Kenneth attended RYLA in 2005 which was a great experience for him, as always.
Kenneth first worked for HSBC and then on to Scotia Bank where he has been employed for nine years.
Kenneth has a sister in Kong Kong and his parents live here.
We welcome Kenneth and hope for a long affiliation with the club.
Capt. Doug was heading out with "the ladies"of the club in his trustworthy vessel. For some reason Larry was tagging along.
There was lots of congratulations to Laine and Ryan for their Paul Harris awards.
Apparently the Vancouver Art Gallery has a great Picasso exhibit.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Committee Updates
See you next year (next month)
Editor’s Prerogative
Thanks to Chris for her wonderful year as president and all of our support to Sandra in her upcoming year.