Richmond Sunrise Rotary Club Bulletin
John's son-in-law Richard, a two time Olympian and now a teacher in South Delta, spoke to us about Kids Sport.
President Chris asks us to sign up for My Rotary.
Special Guests
David Greer and his videographer Danielle
Richard Hartness
Guest Speaker Summary
David was introduced by Erick.  David’s topic was “Slow down to Speed up”.
David spent two years on a sailboat sailing around the world with his family.  From that came his book called “Wind in Your Sales”.
David coaches entrepreneurs on how to build a business and maintain control of your life.
David spoke on the importance of rhythm (sleep, food, exercise).
David reminds us that communication is 90% listening.
Plan for your day: start, plan, connect, finish.
David recommends the book “The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achor.
Leaders set the tone.
David was thanked by Pat
PDG Gordon is back from Mexico.  He advised that our grant for a clinic in Mexico is approved and soon to be funded.
Elena is back from the Philippines.
The Jaffe wimped out again because he had a “late hockey game”.
Pat and Paul went to the Foundation Grant Seminar.  It is mandatory for the club to send someone in order to receive a grant.
Avery is back from Hawaii along with the traditional cold.
Pat is off to Palm Springs for two weeks
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Susan and Elena have birthdays this week.
Committee Updates
Get those auction prizes.  Bringing a bottle of wine and books for a basket.