Richmond Sunrise Rotary Club Bulletin March 24, 2016
The meeting was led by PE Sandra.
Bill asks for nominations for an internal and external Paul Harris Fellow.
If your friends cannot come to the auction, encourage them to go to our website and hit the “donate now” button to contribute directly to the club.
The Rotary World Help Network will hold its annual general meeting April 12 at the Burnaby Clubhouse.
Gary presented a cheque for $5000 from the foundation to the maternal clinic in Mexico.  Thank you Gordon for spearheading that.
Special Guests
Speaker Anita Gregory
PDG and Chair of the District Grants Committee Gary Shearer
Melinda’s friend Carrie Cunningham from Prince Rupert
Maddie Pughe
Guest Speaker Summary
Anita spoke to us about Richmond Food Security Society.  She was introduced by Gordon.
Anita is a certified landscape horticulturalist and a teacher.  She is also executive director of the Richmond Food Security Society.
Food security equals access to affordable, sustainable and healthy food.
The Community Gardens now enjoys 300 plots on nine sites.  There will soon be 100 new plots coming in from the newly repurposed DND lands.
A food charter is being presented to the city of Richmond soon.
The Society also runs a community kitchen for youth and runs the Richmond fruit tree project and partners with the City of Richmond on the Terranova farm park and sharing farm.
The Society is looking for board members and connections.
Anita was thanked by Belinda.
Danny is back from the Philippines.  His clinic performed 4631 dental procedures.  Amazing!
Unfortunately, Georgina is moving to Toronto to guide Pathways Clubhouse there. What a loss.
Gordon extolled the RI annual report in which the Hugh Boyd Interact Club was written up.
Susan enjoyed a trip to Seattle and a tour of the Boeing world.
Melinda is closer to opening a new shop in Tsawwassen Springs.
Laine has contributed an article to Wikipedia, the largest encyclopedia in the world, about her father.
Marg is off to Boston for the world figure skating championship.
Maddie was in Costa Rica for a project and is now off to RYLA.
Debbie’s daughter continues to struggle with her head injury.  Meanwhile Debbie moves downtown to be Judy’s neighbour about this time.
Judy is back to enjoy her new company after three weeks in sunny Florida.
Kal welcomed our galloping Dick.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
It is Arnoldo’s birthday today and Gordon’s birthday Tuesday, March 27.
It is also the 33rd anniversary of Bill’s first date with Shelley.  What a romantic.
Committee Updates
It is about one month to the auction and less than that for the close of prize donations.  Wine, book and other basket donations are welcome.
Editor’s Prerogative
Consider a donation to the Rotary Foundation, the largest of its kind in the world.  Virtually no administration fees, no politics and guaranteed results.
We will miss Georgina greatly and look forward to her return in one year.