Richmond Sunrise Rotary Club Bulletin March 3, 2016
Great meeting.
Special Guests
None today
Guest Speaker Summary
John jumped in for a missing speaker and gave us a scintillating slide show of his trip to Africa.
John and Sandy flew to Amsterdam and the Nairobi, a dirty and smelly city by all accounts.
They visited an elephant rescue facility and many nature encounters.
They also visited a “rescue school” which houses some 700 runaway girls fleeing forced marriage and various forms of abuse.  They delivered our mosquito nets which were much appreciated.
They also visited a Maasai village.
There is also a discussion of Zanzibar and the slave trade.
John was thanked by Paul and introduced by Debbie M.
Florence is back from her trip to Hong Kong.
Mary-Lou is back from her trip to Toronto and Cuba.
Chris P is back from Toronto and celebrating her fifth decade.
Belinda is involved in the St. Paul’s relocation project.
Caroline is a fairy godmother.
Erick is enjoying his training at the Fire Academy.
Chris M is off to Normandy for spring break.
Bill was too feeble to attend as he flew in late.  President Chris did to manage the feat.
Sandra had fun at PETS.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Georgina joined Rotary in 1998
Committee Updates
Laine announced that we will be a raffling off a diamond gifted to us by Debbie M.
The next auction committee meeting is on March 9 at 5 PM.
A Projects Committee meeting followed.
Editor’s Prerogative
Larry reminded us of the frailty of life which he faces daily and of the need to say and do that which we need to before it is too late.