Richmond Sunrise Rotary Club Bulletin
PE Sandra took the helm.
Melinda on behalf of Laine implored us to auctionate.  There are still only about 100 items registered out of what should be 300.  Gordon did an analysis of the database and says we are heavy on kitchen items and short on technology.
Special Guests
Calvin Higo
Guest Speaker Summary
Our guest speaker was Calvin Higo who was introduced by Chris M.  Chris and Calvin grew up together in Steveston.
Calvin’s grandfather arrived in Steveston in 1904.  Calvin talked to us about the Japanese community in Steveston.
We heard of many Japanese pioneers who now have mountains and schools named after them.
The Japanese only got the vote in 1949.  250 arrived in 1887 to help reap the salmon bounty.  In 1942 2500 were interned.  There were only 500 people left in Steveston.
The Japanese community contributed much of the original buildings in Steveston including First United Church, now the hospital auxiliary building.
Most recently, the Japanese community largely contributed their reparation funds to the Canadian Japanese Cultural Centre, an example of selflessness and forgiveness.
Steveston is an example of the Canadian multicultural heritage.  “The best of every country floats to the top”.  Calvin reminded us that we break barriers by getting to know people. 
Sadly, this was Georgina’s last day at Pathways.
Avery and Debbie are busy training for the soon to be Boston Marathon.
Melinda is off to Los Angeles.
Doug’s boat miraculously made it to Salt Spring Island without a crash.
Debbie T partied in New Orleans.  She says we have five Interactors going to the conference in Whistler; we had two attend RYLA.  She and Drew have sold their house and are moving to Steveston.
Heather was busy golfing and playing tennis in Palm Springs.
Elena fortuitously obtained two mammogram machines now destined for the Philippines.
Chris M had two wonderful weeks in France.  She attended the Rotary meeting in Nîmes.  Apparently they want to be our sister club.  She saw a friend that she grew up with who has lived in France for 12 years.  Amazingly, her friend also knew and grew up with Kal and Belinda!
Sandra was keying up for her aunt’s celebration of life.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Kal has been married 25 years and has 17 years in Rotary.
Marg has 26 years in Rotary.
Committee Updates
Sign up for the conference in Whistler.
Auction auction auction. Don’t let Laine down!