Tyler Choy, our exchange student has been in Japan since August 2022 and just returned in August with stories of his exciting experiences.  In Japan, Tylor went to school, played sports, played his saxophone, and travelled throughout the country.  He shared his rich experiences (including driving a tractor in a rice field and sitting correctly during a Japanese tea ceremony). 
His Facebook Marketplace camera followed him everywhere and he intends to publish a book of his amazing photos. We enjoyed seeing many of the photos he took. 
He lived near Sapporo on the island of Hokkaido, in northern Japan.  He was at the Eniwa Rotary Club, which has 50 members, many of whom are farmers.  Some events they supported were sumo wrestling and cherry blossom and snow festivals.  Meetings were held at noon on Wednesdays, serving bento box lunches and Tylor had to give a two-minutes speech each time.