Richmond Sunrise Rotary Club Bulletin February 18, 2016
There was a board meeting following the regular meeting.
President Chris presented Debbie M with a Paul Harris +7 pin.  Congratulations and thanks to Debbie for recognition of $8000 of giving to the Rotary Foundation.
Special Guests
Meredith Kalaman, Felicia Lau and Kate Franklin
Guest Speaker Summary
Meredith Kalaman, Felicia Lau and Kate Franklin danced a wonderful contemporary dance for us.
Chris M introduced our dancers, led by Meredith Kalaman, dancer and choreographer.
Meredith spoke to us about her group called Femmes Fatales.  Meredith is a Richmond product who has danced with Ballet BC and who has toured Canada, the US and China.  She has created 11 mid length works and a variety of short works to date.
Meredith has experienced women suffering degrading and diminishing.  She is interested in “offering people the opportunity to overcome adversity in ways they may never have imagined before”.  For girls and women, this may mean “a way to relate to themselves and to each other, breaking through personal barriers and resolving impediments to success”.
In May 2014 Meredith undertook a project to create and produce a 55 minute trio inspired by the history of the witch hunt.  Meredith will present the work to the community and two young audiences along with discussions and workshops that engage youth in conversations and exercises to inspire them and empower them.
Meredith is working off a $45,000 budget.  She has a good deal of funding confirmed and is looking for funds from the club.
Dalbir and Kal have listed their house for sale. Where they will go is anyone’s guess.
Laine is off to Hawaii.
Avery is off to Brazil for business.
Two of the Debbies are off to Palm Springs.
Debbie M has purchased a new home in Olympic Village near the Mays.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Melinda has an upcoming wedding anniversary.
John has an upcoming anniversary as well.
Committee Updates
The Rotaract Club is celebrating its 25th year in Richmond and is hosting a dinner celebration at 6:30 on February 27 at Felico’s restaurant.
Contact Debbie T if you would like to go.
Editor’s Prerogative
Artists like Meredith and Kate and Felicia commit their lives to advancing their art sometimes at great toll on their bodies and everyday lives with little compensation except to their spirit. We applaud them.