Richmond Sunrise Rotary Club Bulletin November 5, 2015
Harvey and Michael spoke to us about their toys for charities drive. Michael’s brother Victor died at age 37 some ten years back. The family honours his memory by collecting and distributing toys to the needy around the world. The Ghirra family is good to the club and of course owns Riverside Banquet Hall and helps us out with our auction immeasurably. They were thanked by Margaret.
We presented a cheque for $14,740 to the food bank. Sheila told us that her father was a Rotarian and she grew up appreciating Rotarian values. The club was presented with a photo of the board, volunteers and staff of the food bank.
The club presents three scholarships to Kwantlen Polytechnic University. The presentation will be made on November 19 if you would like to attend.
Next Thursday is the Rotary Day of Dialogue. Let President Chris know if you wish to attend.
Next Thursday is also Thirsty Thursday.
This Sunday is the “event of the century” says Belinda. Join us for Sunday tea, champagne and liqueurs at Larry’s newly renovated party room. 2:30 to 5:00. Bring something to eat and wear a hat. You can also bring friends with you.
Doug brought new samples of his shirts and vests since the distributor ran out of the previous version. Apparently they fit somewhat smaller so you may wish to try them on again. Orders will go in soon.
There will be a loading for the Rotary World Help Network for Chile on November 14. The club contributed $2000 towards the shipping cost for this as arranged by Arnoldo and Elena.
There also be a loading for the Philippines on November 28.
There will be a dinner at River Rock Casino on November 19 in aid of something that escapes your editor.
Special Guests
Avery from TD Bank
Sheila Johnston, chair of Richmond Food Bank Society
Harvey Koonar and Michael Ghirra
Guest Speaker Summary
Bill talked to us about the Rotary Foundation. Although his virtual PowerPoint presentation did not hold a candle to past foundation speeches, no one could rival Bill’s commitment and dedication to the Foundation. Some examples of the Foundation’s largesse include the Rotary World Help Network, dental clinics in Guatemala, micro farming, a blood bank in Africa and the eradication of polio. These are only those projects in which Bill participated and which were supported by the club. You can donate monthly or quarterly on a regular basis. If you make donations to the polio fund, the Canadian government will contribute twice that amount as will the Bill Gates foundation.
Bill was thanked by Debbie M and introduced after the fact by PDG Gordon.
Pat will be away for a while adopting a new knee.
Rob and Georgina were in Denver at a conference for Pathways clubhouses around the world. There were some 600 attendees.
Laine put on a job fair in Langley this week under the auspices of Back in Motion.
Sandra’s son will be working in Korea for a year.
Larry had the best suite on the ship for his cruise ending in New Orleans. Unfortunately he ran into the tail end of a hurricane.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Today is President Chris’ “big birthday” (not your editor’s words)
Committee Updates
Given Lionel’s untimely departure the position of assistant bulletin editor is open. Applications will be received by Garth and training given.
There will be a fireside on Monday at 7:30 at Heather’s house. There is also a board meeting on Monday.
Editor’s Prerogative
It was a fun meeting in a very small room – somehow cosier.