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Hajira Hussein
 Aug 24, 2017
 Aug 27, 2017

Boni and John have made the transition from the corporate land-based world to the sailboat/entrepreneurial/author world.

Boni and John Wagner-Stafford
 Aug 31, 2017

Director of Negotiations - South, Treaties and Aboriginal Government Indigenous Affairs and Northern Development Canada_ - stories from the negotiating table, specifically, negotiating the Nisga'a Final Agreement

Jim Barkwell
 Sep 07, 2017

Shawn works at Satori Medical Centre as a registered massage therapist and has recently become passionate about hypnotherapy. 

Shawn Mercer
 Sep 14, 2017

Perry will tell us about the history and background to his very successful youth program

Perry Ehrlic
 Sep 28, 2017
Neena Randhawa
 Oct 05, 2017

Pamela is an accomplished sailor and is deeply concerned about the state of the world's oceans

Pamela Bendall
 Oct 12, 2017

Including an apple tasting

Harry Burton
 Oct 19, 2017
Don Evans
 Oct 26, 2017

My Story: Being native in Canada

Catherine Blackstock-Campbell
 Nov 02, 2017
Ryan West
 Nov 09, 2017
Nicci Beninger and the Re-Sisters
 Nov 16, 2017
Alison Scholefield
 Nov 30, 2017
No speaker
 Dec 14, 2017
No Meeting
 Dec 28, 2017

Clearing the Air - reclaiming public discourse in a polluted public square.

Jim is chair of the David Suzuki Foundation and a PR expert

Jim Hoggan
 Jan 25, 2018