Posted by Garth Edwards on May 19, 2017
Richmond Sunrise Rotary Club Bulletin May 18, 2017


Doug Park, Annabelle, Gabe and Desy Chang from Hugh Boyd; Honorary member Brian Kirkham; Richard Nash and Sean Miles


Do not forget we meet at Richmond Country Club now!
The Auction raised a record $120,000+ (gross) roughly as follows: Live $28,500; Silent $28,000; 50/50 $2,000; WestJet $4,000; Heads & Tails $2,000; tickets $27,000; "Ask" $29,000. Great work everyone. Special thanks to Kal and the auction committee.
Sign up for the President's dinner at Melinda's abode.


Now we have to spend all this money wisely!


Judy is off to Berlin

Jake Jaffe graduates from law school so Bill is off to NY, then Scotland and onward.

Fred Lee, our auction MC, was awarded the Legion of Leo by Chor Leoni for exemplary contribution (sitting on the board, MCing At Home fund raiser and marketing/social networking)

Avery was in Hawaii for her parents 40th anniversary.

SPEAKER - Susan introduced Doug Parks, Gabe and Annabelle

Gabe and Annabelle attended the Powell River Film Festival. They are grade 10 students at Hugh Boyd and belong to the Rotaract Club. The club donated to their expenses.

Gabe and Annabelle showed us 4 one minute videos they produced. The festival helped them develop their art and technical skills.

One video promoted fund raising for the marking of WWI and II veteran grave sites which lack headstones due to lack of initial identification. They are doing a skate-a-thon at the Oval in June and have a gofundme site.

All were thanked by (the only just arrived by airplane) Mary-Lou.

Editor's Choice

Thought du mois (purloined and repeated)
"Civility costs nothing and buys everything"
Lady Mary Wortley Montagu (1689-1762)