Richmond Sunrise Rotary Club Bulletin April 14, 2016
President Chris led us today.
Anthem by Gordon.
Sandra gave her after PETS speech.
Special Guests
Earle from Pathways
President Chris’ guest Kenneth Wan from Scotiabank
Guest Speaker Summary
This was a business meeting. Associate bulletin editor Dick reports his battery was weak and much was lost.
Mary Lou will see the Paul McCartney concert this week.
Dick has taken to long haul deadheading cars to Toronto as a new career.
Earle brought in a 1938/41 bottle of Corby’s (now Wiser’s) for the auction – wow!
Elena reported on the Rotary World Help Network AGM. Our club is a founding member. Now 38 members having sent 339 containers to 59 countries worth over $115m.
Bill did a make-up in New York with Sam – cool!
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Marg’s 27th anniversary
Pat and Belinda’s club anniversaries.
Committee Updates
A business meeting was held after your scribe left for a seminar.
Associate bulletin editor Dick reports that Laine gave an auction update. Data entry cut-off is April 18.
Editor’s Prerogative
Laine is doing a remarkable job on the auction. Let’s support her any way we can.
Thanks Dick!