KIVA supported by Richmond Sunrise
KIVA means "unity" in Swahili.  During the past years, Richmond Sunrise has provided over $10,000 in micro loans to KIVA, supporting small businesses throughout the world, people who would otherwise be left out of the financial systems.  We help them to kickstart a project, partnering with them as investors.  Kiva lifts up the small entrepreneurs who apply for the micro loans, believing that tomorrow is going to be better than today.  You, too, can invest in the dreams of people all over the world.  Just go to and support a loan that changes lives.  
ACTS for Water - Rotary Club of Richmond Sunrise 
On Sunday September 12, Richmond Sunrise rotary members walked with cans of water, symbolizing the long trips made by women and children in Uganda in order to have clean water.  We are working with ACTS for Water to construct gravity flow systems, securing clean water for many communities.   Richmond Sunrise is proud to contribute $9000 towards this worthy project.   Please click on the link below to listen to Jeff Golby and Pat Atkinson, our club president.  
Richmond Sunrise supports Steveston Rotary
Thanks to Steveston Rotary for inviting Richmond Sunrise to support in the efforts to help out with B.C. Wildfire Relief.  We were happy to participate through beer purchases and donations.  See the link below for more information.
Roto has arrived
The Rotary Club of Richmond Sunrise sponsors B.C. and Alberta Guide Dogs.  Our latest dog is Roto, born May 11 and happily living with his family in Victoria.  Welcome, Roto!   
Walk for Water
The Rotary Club of Richmond Sunrise is supporting as they continue to improve and build infrastructure for gravity flow systems, to secure clean water for Ugandans.  Please see detailed information in this video,
The Walk4Water event will be on September 12, 2021 at Garry Point at 1:00 p.m.   See this link: 

Asian Ruggedized Education System (ARES) made a great wave of change in education for Lourdes National High School as it answered the need of the school to offer the best package in learning it ever had - the “Classroom in a Box”.

The formal turnover of the package was done on February 26 with the ARES team from Rotary World Help Canada President Bonnie Sutherland, ARES Coordinator Philippines Literacy Project – Rotary Club of Richmond Sunrise and Director Rotary World Help-Canada Elena Agala, a member of our club.

The ARES donation of laptops and customized educational software to schools in the Philippines enabled students to continue their studies during COVI-19 and other natural disasters that affected the community .

Sunrise, Richmond Sunrise's first B.C./Alberta guide dog.

SUNRISE - supported by Richmond Sunrise in 2019!

Sunrise is in training to become a life-changing dog, 

·for someone who is blind or visually impaired,
·a child with profound autism, or
·a Veteran or First Responder living with an Operational Stress injury.

Our Club is proud to have funded BC & Alberta Guide Dogs for this training! To learn more about Sunrise…. (please read more).

Rotary of Richmond Sunrise supports Richmond graduates 
Each year, Rotary of Richmond Sunrise offers scholarships to Richmond graduates to support them in their post-secondary journeys.
Rotary Dental Mission in the Philippines
The Rotary Club of Richmond Sunrise donated both in 2014 and 2019 to the Caring Hearts Dentistry Society in line with the Feeding Program to 200 street kids in two provinces in Manila and 300 poor children in a fishing village in Panglao island in 2019.