Richmond Sunrise Rotary Club Bulletin December 3, 2015
Past President Debbie sat in for President Chris
Special Guests
Dave and Bruce from the Clubhouse.
Past member and now e-member Brett
Eric’s friend Blake
Earl Clapp
Guest Speaker Summary
Last week we enjoyed a most interesting and informative talk by Robert Kiesman, lawyer, fisherman and Chair of Steveston Harbor Authority.
This week Georgina introduced her mentee Eric.
Eric’s classification speech defies summation and your editor could not justice to the depth of thought and deeply felt conviction Eric presented.
Suffice it to say Eric gave us two essays.
The first dealt with the use and abuse of power by the state and the interaction of freedom and governance.
The second was Eric’s expression of the four pillars of a complete life. Respect, trust, the various forms of love, selfless and spirituality are all part of that foundation.
Eric was thanked by Debbie T.
All expressed condolences to Gordon on Sylvia’s passing.
The container to Chile is gone and the container to Philippines is going.
Georgina is off to England to see her parents.
Kal and Bill off to Hawaii.
Melinda and Seafair Meats won best service and best butcher in Richmond. Yeah!
Committee Updates
Winter festivity is December 13 5:00 for 6:00 at Riverside Banquet Hall.  Bring family.  
Editor’s Prerogative
Rob did a wonderful job for us. He will be sorely missed. Thank you to Rob for the thoughtful glass art gift.
Welcome to Bruce.
Our hearts and minds are with Larry who is undergoing surgery and chemo and radiation.